What is SOGO

SOGO is an intuitive competition platform that enables golfers to compete anywhere, anytime. No longer bound by time and geographical constraints, the platform allows golfers to “connect and compete” in a virtual community, meaning every round now becomes a competition round.


Why we do it

SOGO are a passionate, driven team, with an unwavering commitment to grow and develop the game of golf. SOGO’s priority is to create premium experiences for golfers by providing users with a dynamic tool that inspires users to play and compete like the professionals.

How we do it

SOGO will introduce new and innovative technology into the hands of golfers, providing a best in class mobile app — SOGO Golf — that brings golfers and clubs closer together, allowing users to play, compete and track their performance in real-time — installing meaning and purpose to every round of golf.


Who we do it for

Our competition platform applies equally to all golfers. We are focused on improving participation, performance and experience of all players.

Get your handicap

Grab an early national GolfLink handicap so you are ready to start playing SOGO and get exclusive access to the Founders Cup competition on launch.

Download app now

SOGO Golf has released the iOS version of the App on the iTunes App Store


Clubs and groups

SOGO will support Golf Clubs and Social groups in providing amazing competition experiences for their members.